Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Please Pray

Zack Ludwig and Randy Brekke have volunteered to go and live in Serenje for several months in order to build the first facilities at the Hope Children's Center. Pray that God will strengthen them for this enormous task. Pray that they will find great joy in their work. And pray that God will use the work of their hands to reach countless people with God's grace.

Pray that God will lead us to find a Zambian Orphan Director. This is a vital role as we need to make sure that each orphan is identified, cared for, and that the care-giver (foster parent) is appropriately looking after the orphaned child. As the Hope Center grows, Pastor Navice will not be able to keep up with this large responsibility. Pray that God points us to the right man or woman for this job.

Pray for the first crop at the Hope Center that will go into the ground this coming rainy season (beginning in November). This piece of the strategy is critical to the long range sustainability of the Hope Center. Pray that Cornerstone team member Marlin Rice will have divine guidance as he directs (from a hemisphere away) the Zambian farmers (Sunday, Joshua, and Wenard). Pray for a protected and abundant harvest.

As Pastor Navice continues to take the gospel to more villages, more pastors are needed to shepherd the people who come to Christ. Currently there are 13 men being trained for this task. Pray that Cornerstone will help Navice train these men (and their wives) well. And pray that the training/discipleship will also continue for the 80 "key leaders" and from among the newest church plants. The local churches being planted are reaching many, many people for Christ! And it is these churches which are key to taking care of the orphaned children that God cares deeply for.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October 1, 2008

Here is a quick word from Zambia...
You would think that I would get accustomed to the miracles God does for us. They are so frequent and yet powerful -- I am still stunned and amazed at His grace.

On this trip (I am writing this from Navice's office) ... God has opened more doors than ever. We have met the District Manager (like a U.S. governor) of this region - the highest government official. He moved here for this position just one week ago. He met us, spent the evening with us and is EAGER to help us do whatever God puts on our heart to do. GOD IS GOOD! Even Navice is stunned by this one!

Today I had a reminder of why I am here. I reached down to pick up little Georgy - a three-year old boy the size of an eighteen-month old- a double orphan (both parents are dead). He looked into my eyes and played with my beard and rubbed my face and melted into my arms ...
and my heart. God brought us to the hundreds upon hundreds of Georgy's in Serenje.

I must go. There are setbacks. The enemy does not want us to succeed. But the glorious works of grace make these difficulties pale into insignificance. Thank God with me for the privilege of being His channel of grace!
Pastor Jeff