Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The fence is in!

An incredibly generous and hardworking group of people traveled all the way to Serenje to purchase and install a fence around the crops of the Hope Center. And let me tell you, these guys can WORK!

Many of these folks came from Bethel Reformed Church in Aplington, Iowa. Many had never traveled internationally before. Most had never been robbed before. None had ever eaten enshima before. And all of them made a huge and life-changing contribution to the Hope Center.

Here Bob Schipper helps offload some much needed food for the Hope orphans living in Kamena.

Here Jan gets the upscale transportation we offer at the Hope Center (convertible comes at no extra cost). Oh, and friends ride free.

Navice is crazy! He was convinced that the "young men" should not be climbing ladders to trim the tree near where the fence was to be installed. So he did it himself! There is nothing that man won't do for the Hope Center.

Here is Don mixing it up with our Zambian friends over a meal.

The fence project required a lot of hands. Each post hole was dug by hand and the cement was mixed on the spot, hauling all the rock, sand, etc. all around the 12 acre Hope Center. A fantastic team effort!

Of course, there was always time for a little fun with the kids!

The electric fence will provide protection from theft so that the crops will be used to feed the children. Without this fence, our food would "walk away" and the sustainability of the project would be jeopardized. We thank God for this team for their contribution to the project!

This team suffered flight delays, sickness, a robbery (passports, cash, medicines, etc.), rains, heat, hard work ... and they did it all with grace and joy and a Christ-centered attitude. They would not be discouraged or set back -- no matter what came their way. I have never seen such tenacity and joy from a team.

God has been gracious time and again. It is a reminder that this is HIS work and HE will raise up the workers for His harvest field. Thank you, Lord, for all You've done!