Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another Step Forward

Having just completed another trip to Serenje, Zambia, I can report to you that the need has never been greater, nor has the work ever seemed more rewarding!

I had the joy of being on a terrific team of people - one of whom was my wife, Teresa.  All of us on the team were able to get a foretaste of what the Hope Children's Center is going to be.  

The children who have been orphaned in Serenje are beautiful and easy to love - they so long for physical touch and care ... and food.  Our team had 50 of these orphans to play with, teach and love while we were there.

Pastor Navice also used these days to gather in over a dozen pastors-in-training plus over sixty key leaders from the churches they have planted.  I spent the most time with the pastors who are so eager to learn.  After a full day (7:30 - 5:00) of instruction I said, "Aren't you men weary by now?"  They popped up and one man said, "How can we be weary when we're learning so much?!?"

Pastor Tom Nesbitt from Cornerstone was like a lightening rod of energy as he taught the leaders.  When he was done teaching they would burst into song!  

Now we are preparing to build the facilities that will house the Care Center and Training Center.  Zack Ludwig and Dave Lubbers (both from Cornerstone) plan to move to Serenje the first week of August.  Zack is in Serenje even now trying to get things ordered, prepared and even find some housing for their several-month-stay.

The work can seem daunting - but God continues to go before us and lead us along