Friday, May 30, 2008

Back in Zambia

After several months away, I (Jeff) am back in Zambia!  I am accompanied by some first-timers: Tom and Marie Nesbitt, Mike and Kristi Despard and my wife Teresa (overseas for her first time!).  Zack Ludwig is along as well as he makes plans to move to Serenje this June to manage the construction of the Hope Children's Center.  This is a huge step forward for the Center as Zack brings a lot of experience with him (having worked for eight months at Kazemba).

We are in Lusaka to join up with eight other Cornerstoners who have been on a Gospelink trip and will now go to Serenje with us this afternoon.  

We hope to make some progress toward building the Center this week.  We will also be teaching pastors, leaders and their wives as well as caring for about 50 orphans who will one day be the first children at the Hope Center.