Monday, December 26, 2011

Sarah in Zambia

From Sarah Day:
I went to the Hope Children’s Center for a few days last October and had a blast. I would start each morning with the pastors in their morning devotion time. Before devotions were done, however, I would start to see (and hear) the children as they arrived at the Hope Center. This drew my attention, of course, so I would soon slip out to go play.
I came up with something different to do with the kids as they gathered each morning…macramé bracelets, play with play dough, make and fly paper airplanes…whatever. They had fun with anything.When most of the kids had arrived, we went to the porch of the guesthouse for story time in the shade. After singing a few songs, we walked together through a small portion of God’s Big Story. I focused on the creation and fall of man and the promise of a redeemer, judgment of sin (and preservation of the promise) through Noah, God’s promise to Abraham that the whole world would be blessed through him, the substitutionary sacrifice of the ram for Isaac, and finally Christ as the fulfillment of all these promises. I was glad to see the kids had a pretty good base knowledge of many stories and Bible verses. Annie and Ketty translated for me.
After our story time, we ate lunch together, and I spent the rest of the day helping with dentistry. I truly enjoyed my time at the Hope Center, meeting the pastors and children and seeing first hand how God is at work in Zambia.